Virtual Assistance

  • Why Choose Virtual Assistance Services?

The workload of an organization increases as business develops and handling the day-to-day administrative chores becomes demanding. Nevertheless, wait, you can engage in virtual assistance services, which will help you to offload your tasks to professionals and ultimately reduce your burden so that you can focus on your key business areas. Appointing a virtual assistant from Zobone BPO is an appropriate solution for your business. We will handle your routine jobs efficiently, and you do not need to provide any office space or computers and internet connection to execute these tasks. All you need to do is to hire one of our virtual assistants and your job will be done.

  • Why Zobone BPO?

Zobone BPO is one of the most dependable virtual companies in India. We have been in the virtual business for years and you can say we are experts in this field. We provide reliable and smart virtual assistance services to small businesses, large conglomerates, busy professionals and entrepreneurs from across the globe. Our virtual assistance business model is based on providing value to our clients. At Zobone BPO, we have been offering the following services to our patrons in the form of Virtual IT Assistants, Virtual Accountant, Virtual Bookkeeping Services, Virtual Secretary, Virtual Administrative Assistant, Virtual Marketing Assistant, Virtual Office Assistance Services, Virtual Web Assistant and Virtual SEO. With such a wide range, we are at an enviable position today. 

  • How Can Our Virtual Assistant Help You?

Zobone BPO’s virtual office assistants will build a good relationship with your clients, business associates, partners and others, and will work collectively to save time and reduce costs and ultimately administer your business efficiently. To hire virtual assistants, look no further than Zobone and believe us you will never face a moment of discontent when you select our services. We offer tailor-made solutions that will surely surpass your expectations. Our virtual assistants are highly skilled, have a remarkable work experience, and are proficient in tasks such as online research, call answering, data entry, correspondence handling, hotel reservations, bookkeeping & accounting, appointment scheduling and much more. The list is endless.

Undoubtedly, hiring a virtual assistant will turn out to be a viable decision for you. You will save on office space and equipment. You will not have to spend on personnel recruitment and training. Therefore, ultimately, you will save a good amount of money.

The Process

At Zobone BPO, we follow these processes to make certain that you find an appropriate VA for your business:

1.   Understanding client needs: Here, we focus on picking up your precise needs. We also understand your present procedures that your business follows and we try to know what exactly you expect from us.

2.   Finding the right virtual assistant: Once we understand your requirements, we begin to search for the right assistant who can take care of your tasks.

3.   Plant the workflow: After identifying the suitable assistant, we begin working on how the workflow and the reporting structure would be.

4.  Furnish support: This step is whereby our VA actually begins working for you on the process that you have outsourced to us.

5. Quality Control: We conduct quality control during the entire period of your project to make certain that the VA fulfils your expectations.

6.   Regular reporting: The frequency of the reporting is outlined while formulating the workflow and we make sure that the reports are sent on time.