Image Enhancement

Zobone BPO’s specialised image enhancement solutions can make your normal images appear simply exceptional. With our image enhancement services, we can revamp your digital pictures so that they give a fantastic impression to the viewer. We offer specialized and professional services in digital photo processing and perform tasks such as getting rid of grains, noise blemishes in pictures, cropping images, inserting or removing backgrounds, adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness, color balance, density of pictures and applying filters. The best thing about our digital photo processing services is that we deliver the output at a fast turnaround time and our rates are highly affordable.

With the help of our image enhancement services, your pictures get a professional touch. The team of qualified and experienced professionals at Zobone BPO work closely with you and understand your requirements fully so that they can fulfil your image enhancement needs. We have the latest software to turn flat and dull pictures into lively and shiny ones.

Two reasons why even the most professionally shot pictures result in poor quality are bad lighting and deviations in temperature. Prior to photo editing tools were invented, loads of pictures had to be thrust aside in order to get that perfect image. Despite majority of the digital cameras as well as printers are available with integrated software, most of the photographers are turning to image enhancement services in order to give their digital pictures that professional finishing. The photo restoration services at Zobone BPO have satisfied many including online stores, real estate agents, web designers, webmasters, photo editing agencies, photo studios, e-book editors, e-book publishers, catalog publishers, online art galleries and digital photographers. We are proud of the fact that our photo restoration service has catered all these people. We also have proficiency in image clipping and we have clients all over the world for this service.

Image Enhancement Services offered by Zobone BPO

  • Density Correction: It is true that digital images and pictures suffer from several variations in contrast and color density due to inconsistent digital printers. The sky color, vegetation and skin tone appear not the same as the original backdrop and also appear different in different printers. Zobone BPO uses the best software and methods for density improvement in digital pictures. We make certain that the ultimate output is even in contrast and density regardless of the digital printer utilized.
  • Color Correction of Pictures: These services help in balancing, restoring and correcting contrast, brightness and color of digital pictures.
  • Color Cast Correction: Fluorescent lighting, fading light and multi-coloured tungsten can produce undesirable color casts in images. Our experienced and proficient team assists you in removal and correction of color casts caused by such kind of effects. At Zobone, we also refurbish black and white pictures to attractive looking images with the help of our photo restoration service.
  • Image Cropping: If you have a picture that is very large, then don’t worry, image cropping is the best means to make the picture small and you do not need to make it uneven or alter its scale. Many a time, pictures have white or black borders surrounding them and also have surplus sections near their edges that reduce the impression of the primary image. Zobone BPO eliminates these by cropping your picture in an optimum way in order to get best out of it.
  • Eliminating Blemishes: Minute freckles, sunburn, spots, appear more noticeable in high-resolution pictures and this can be disappointing for customers. Our experts can get rid of noticeable cuts, blemishes, marks and much more.
  • Background Removal and Insertion: We remove and insert backgrounds from pictures as per your requirements.

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