Virtual Secretary

As your business grows, your workload also increases and handling the day-to-day administrative tasks can become monotonous. The solution is to hire a dependable virtual administrative assistant from Zobone BPO who can assist you to handle your routine tasks. When you hire our virtual administrative assistants, you do not need office space, work desk, computers or an internet connection. All you need to do is to e-mail or call one of our virtual assistants in a distant location and your work will be done. It is that easy.

Zobone BPO has the best virtual assistants who create a fantastic rapport with your vendors, partners, suppliers, customers, business associates and other stakeholders. They work together with them to save time and reduce operational expenses and also handle your business in an efficient manner. When you hire virtual assistant services from Zobone BPO, you do not have to worry about anything else as our data management services are the best. We also offer personalised business solutions that will surely meet your expectations.

Why Hire Virtual Secretary from Zobone BPO?

Hiring a virtual secretary from Zobone BPO can help your business in increasing productivity, reducing costs and help you to concentrate on your core areas. Our virtual assistants are proficient in tasks such as airline/travel and hotel reservations, spreadsheets creation, presentations, desktop publishing services, correspondence management, call answering, bookkeeping and accounting, appointment scheduling, business card scanning, internet research, event planning and data entry.

The Process

At Zobone, we follow robust procedures to make certain that you get the best virtual secretary for your business. This is how it works:

1.   Understanding your requirements: During this stage, we focus on understanding your precise requirements, the existing procedures that you follow plus the output you expect from us.

2.   Finding the Right Assistant: Once we gain an understanding into your requirements and existing processes, the next step is to begin the matching of the appropriate assistant for your task.

3.   Design Work Flow: When the right virtual assistant is ascertained and the needs are understood, next we begin the procedure of designing the workflow plus the reporting formats.

4.   Offer Support: After the designing and the workflow and ascertaining the reporting formats, next our virtual assistant or secretary begins working for your business.

5.   Constant Support and Quality Control: At Zobone, we provide constant evaluation procedures in place to make certain that the virtual secretary that you have recruited meets the expectations.  

6.   Regular Reporting: We offer periodic reporting to our clients. The frequency is decided during the time of the workflow designing and we make sure that this regularity of sending reports is met at all times.

There is no doubt that hiring a virtual secretary will not only assist you handle your day-to-day business tasks efficiently. In addition, it is affordable. In fact, it will be far less costly than recruiting a full time operative in your company. Another good thing about our virtual secretary services is that we offer various flexible plans to our clients to recruit a virtual assistant, which are planned with bearing in mind the regular needs of our clients.

Indisputably, Zobone BPO is one of the best research assistance providers. We have the most knowledgeable and experienced virtual secretaries. They are properly trained to handle a wide range of tasks efficiently. Our virtual administrative services are the most reasonably priced and we focus on quality. We have clients who use our virtual administrative services all over the world and they are highly satisfied with it. For more information on our virtual administrative services, contact us today and you will surely get a solution for your business!