Tele Marketing Services

Outsourcing telemarketing services helps your business boost your existing client relationships. Zobone BPO is a pioneer in telemarketing outsource and can meet your telemarketing needs. At Zobone, we can help you to enhance your revenues by successfully closing sales with the help of our proficient inbound and outbound telemarketing solutions. When you outsource your telemarketing requirements to Zobone, we offer you intuitive information on various facets of your business. In addition to this information, we will offer your business tactical approaches to tackle your clients’ issues and improve client relationships. We have a broad range of outbound telemarketing solutions, which comprise of telemarketing leads, outbound lead generation, inbound customer services, inbound sales and outbound research.

Zobone BPO’s Telemarketing Services

1.   Inbound Telemarketing Solutions

At Zobone, we have years of experience and proficiency in offering inbound telemarketing solutions. Whenever clients contact us for their inbound telemarketing requirements, we initially analyse and make every effort to comprehend their needs. Once the analysis is complete, our team of inbound telemarketing specialists offer our client with a perfect inbound telemarketing service at the most competitive rate. Our vast variety of inbound services comprise of, inquiry services, insurance claims services, answering services, membership application solutions, catalog sales services, cross-selling/up-selling services, opinion survey, order taking services, direct response services, lead generation solutions, 3rd party verification solutions, market research surveys and dealer locater services.

2.   Outbound Telemarketing Solutions

When you outsource outbound telemarketing to Zobone BPO, you get access to round the clock of specialized outbound telemarketing solutions. At Zobone, we can proficiently create database lists, qualify leads and give suggestions for other efficient marketing plans. At our outbound call center, we have the most modern technology and software in order to offer you the best-in-class services. At Zobone, we have the knowledge and experience to handle a variety of telemarketing outsourcing services that include client satisfaction surveys, reminder calls, primary research, service/product sales, telemarketing appointment setting, lead generation solutions, telemarketing sales and market research programs.

3.   Telemarketing Consulting Solutions

At Zobone, we offer expert telemarketing consulting solutions. Our telemarketing tips are highly sought after. Our telemarketing consulting services include scripting analysis, reporting specifications, on-site analysis and much more. We have a team of expert telemarketers who can competently develop tailor-made telemarketing scripts and offer training modules, call center benchmarking solutions etc. You have the advantage of competent and cost-effective services when you outsource telemarketing-consulting solutions to Zobone BPO.  

4.   List Marketing Solutions

We offer your business with professional list marketing solutions. We offer direct marketing list and telemarketing list services. The marketing lists created by us comprise of details like city, state, zip code, job description, income and other details.

Why Use Zobone BPO’s Telemarketing Services

We have a competent approach that can improve your sales. In addition to this, we have the skills, expertise and knowledge to offer international standard outbound telemarketing solutions. We have a professional telemarketing team who can manage any kind of call. All our call center executives have been trained thoroughly to answer calls proficiently and in sales. We offer best-in-class services and that too at a reasonable price. We offer telemarketing solutions to a diverse range of industries like government agencies, information technology, telecom and many more.

When you outsource telemarketing services to Zobone BPO, you have benefit of the best staff and quality services. We have extensive experience, professional workforce and domain expertise in telemarketing services. What is more, our telemarketing services are cost-effective. These are some of the reasons why you should be outsourcing telemarketing services to Zobone BPO. Contact us today and trust us, you will definitely get the best telemarketing services only at Zobone BPO.