Pay Per Click Marketing


Pay Per Click or PPC marketing is the fastest and most convenient means to get your business site to the top results of various search engine like Google and Bing when users are searching for a type of business like yours. It is easy to control PPC budgets and the return on investment (ROI) for your campaign as you pay per click. At Zobone BPO, we have been handling PPC adverts for a long period. If you are, a new business that requires expert PPC Marketing or your existing pay per click company is not giving you results, then come to Zobone, which is a professional search engine optimization company and will provide you the results you expect. We are the best search engine optimization company and pay per click marketing company in India. Don’t believe us? Ask our clients who give their word for our PPC marketing services.


The secret to the popularity of our search engine optimization and PPC management services is that we listen patiently to our clients’ needs. We give all our effort to understand various facets of your business. We communicate with your team to comprehend your company history, business trends, goals and other factors that can aid you to go forward and deliver all-embracing PPC management services centred around your requirements.  


Zobone BPO is known for giving you results while developing your business campaigns, which is why it comes as no surprise to us why we are known as a PPC Marketing and search engine optimization expert. We are experts in multi-tasking and we understand that successful PPC marketing needs us to remain on the top edge of the newest strategies and technologies. Moreover, we make use of established pay-per-click management methods in order to open up your business to an extensive audience.  


We follow the following steps to implement Pay Per Click Marketing for your business:

  • PPC Marketing Research and Planning – First and foremost we conduct thorough research about your business and then design a plan.
  • PPC Marketing Keyword Analysis – We make sure that the most suitable keywords are targeted and not wasted. At Zobone, we use the most advanced techniques for keyword analysis to ensure that all keywords that are appropriate for your business are target and the ones that are not apt for your business are not covered.
  • PPC Marketing Strategy – In order to formulate a PPC campaign that is appropriate for your business, we need to understand your business, competitors, you industry sector and your unique selling points. Then only we can work out and create a strategy that is going to produce the results that your require.
  • Implementation and Testing – Once we have formulated the perfect PPC marketing campaign for your business, it is time for implementation. Then finally, we test the strategies that we have implemented for quality. During this phase, we give you reports that provide you important insights about your PPC campaign.
  • Constant PPC Management – Our task does not end with implementation and testing. We constantly work on your PPC marketing campaign to make it better and improve performance.


Being a prominent search engine optimizer is not an easy task. We work extremely hard to produce positive results for your business. After all, we are a result-oriented company. Our team is capable enough to handle all kinds of Pay Per Click Marketing campaigns and Search Engine Optimization projects for our clients. Our search engine optimization pricing is the most affordable in the industry. The success rates of our projects we undertake are very high, which is why clients use our services time and again. If you have a requirement for Pay Per Click Marketing, come to Zobone BPO.