Telephonics Surveys


Telephonic Surveys are a great way of taking immediate response from respondents in various geographical locations. The best thing about telephonic surveys is that you can ask precisely what you wish to ask your prospective clients and can frankly talk to them about your company’s services or products. These type of surveys are perfect for getting suggestions and feedbacks regarding some specific product or service of any company. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is to hire an experienced telemarketing outsourcing company who can tackle this task professionally.

Zobone BPO is an experienced outbound telemarketing company with proficiency in telephonic surveys for many years. We have many clients all across the world who have utilized these services, thus making us one of the most preferred telemarketing agencies. Many companies resort to us for their telemarketing leads and we have fulfilled their requirements. Our telephonic surveys are prepared well, drafted and finally accomplished in an extremely professional and friendly manner. This enables us to take care of two purposes: One, taking valuable feedbacks of the market and second, distributing significant information of the products and services of the firms on whose behalf we conduct the survey.

We have been in the telemarketing business for a long period of time. Our proficiency in telemarketing b2b cannot just be matched by anyone else. At Zobone, we have invested in the most advanced technology and this makes us one of the most reliable telemarketing companies in India. After staff are highly skilled and experienced in this domain and have to undergo intensive training before embarking upon a project. Undoubtedly, we are your one stop solution for all your telemarketing outsource needs. Trust us, you will be more than delighted with our telemarketing surveys.

We follow the following the methodology for all our telemarketing surveys:

  • First of all, the tele-caller will ask for all the basic information about the client.
  • The caller could ask for details regarding employment and age. This is because to find out whether the people fit in the target survey group that the company requires. The ones that qualify, their details are taken whereas the ones who disqualify, their information is not accumulated.
  • The next step of the survey is made up of many questions, typically variations about a common topic where the caller is at a computer and swiftly keys “yes” or “no” inputs into the database.
  • Once the survey is completed, the caller thanks for the customer’s time and then concludes all the data in the computer. He or she often checks the amount of time the survey has taken.

Our telephonic surveys include the following:

  • Classifying market research goals
  • Developing market research questionnaires
  • Making suitable market research sampling plan
  • Data Collection
  • Analysing results and presenting them

One of the reasons why clients come to us for their telephonic survey projects is because of the robust reporting structure we have and follow at Zobone BPO. We provide reports to our clients on a regular basis so that they can know the progress of their project and provide us any suggestions if required. At Zobone, we are always open to suggestions and telemarketing tips.

Zobone BPO manages all facets of telephone surveys, which includes assisting you to clearly identifying research goals based on your organization’s or company’s information requirements. At Zobone, we are known for designing cutting-edge research sampling techniques and marketing research survey. Our key strengths are our presentations and analysis. With so many benefits of outsourcing telephonic surveys to Zobone BPO, don’t you think it is worth trying our services once? Believe us, you will be more than satisfied with our services!