Inbound Call Administration

It is not only important to have a fantastic service or product but it is also imperative to have a well-organized and swift inbound customer support service. Without an efficient inbound call administration service, you will lose out your respected clients to your competitors. It is very important to meet the demands of your clients and the best way to meet them is to think of outsourcing your inbound client support services to a virtual call center like Zobone BPO. We are a professional and reliable business process outsourcing company and have handled inbound outbound call center services of many enterprises across an extensive range of areas for many years. Our customer service call center boasts of a sophisticated infrastructure because of which we are able to provide the best outsource call center services to clients. Another feather in our cap is our talented call center service agents who have competence and experience to work in a customer service call center environment. Our agents deliver efficient and quick support and answering services. What is more they are available round the clock to serve our clients.

Zobone BPO has lead the way in assisting companies to conduct their business without any difficulties. Our inbound call center helps companies to enhance their client-communication channel. We specialise in a variety of inbound call center offerings, outbound call center services and other BPO services. All our call center services have improved communication, decreased operational expenses and have increased revenues for our clients.   

We have expertise in the following inbound call center services: IVRS (interactive voice response), order taking, inbound sales, technical support, help desk, answering services, inquiry handling and customer service. At Zobone, we realize that no two businesses are the same, so we offer unique solutions for every business. We comprehend the distinctiveness of your business, so we customize our services to suit your business needs. Our special team is experienced in handling outsourced call center operations and will give you the best possible results.

Why Choose Zobone BPO for Inbound Call Administration?

  • 24/7/365 Support: One of the reasons why our inbound call administration services are in demand is that we offer 24x7x365 services. Therefore, rest assured your clients’ calls are going to be answered round the clock.
  • Advanced Technology: At Zobone, we have installed the most sophisticated technology available for smooth running of the processes. We have the most modern voice and data communication systems along with a leased line internet connection. This helps us to provide you call center services that are fast and reliable.
  • Skilled Call Center Agents: We have the most proficient team of call center agents who have many years of experience working in a call center and are experts in handling customers. In fact, our team can handle any kind of inbound and outbound client and technical support.
  • Superior Capabilities: At Zobone, we have superior reporting capabilities. We also have the best market testing capabilities that gives you the required edge. Our responses are quick to any market conditions and this gives us an edge over the others.
  • Immense Experience: We have a lot of experience in inbound call administration in different verticals and this has helped us to handle all of the projects that we have undertaken efficiently.
  • Premium Quality Services: At Zobone, we follow strict quality control procedures that helps us to deliver unparalleled quality in all the projects.
  • Guaranteed Client Satisfaction: Our business model is based on client satisfaction. We go all out to satisfy our customers. Whether it is executing your project, handling your queries or your client relationships, we give our best and trust us you will be satisfied.