Image Data Entry Services

                      Does your business have large amounts of data being managed manually on a daily basis? Are you seeking to effectively use this data stored in hard copies or image format? Is the manual procedure consuming a good deal of your precious time? Well, then Image Data Entry is the solution here and there is no other better provider than Zobone BPO to offer you the best results.

                    Zobone BPO is a prominent image data entry service provider and microfiche scanning company with its headquarters in India and provides a wide array of services to all parts of the world including U.S.A., U.K. and many other countries. Image Data Entry involves converting scanned images into a format as desired by the client. Some of our Image Data Entry Services comprise of Image Capturing, Sorting Images, Storing and Retrieving Images, Image Inputting and Indexing, Image conversion to various formats, Catalogue Data Entry, Data Entry of Scanned Images and many more.

               A group of very skilled and experienced professionals carries out these services. They systematically and carefully work on the entire process. Once the entire process is completed, our Quality Control manager evaluates the work for any probable errors, thus guaranteeing 100% accuracy. With our top-notch scanners, you will get an image quality that is nothing less but the best. We can scan images in a variety of formats such as JPEG, GIF, PDF, TIFF and RTF.

                   Precision and quality are very important and we provide the same to our clients with our image data entry services. We understand that clients require quality output and we at Zobone give a lot of significance to quality work, which is why we provide full training to our employees before they undertake a project. We have also invested in contemporary technology that helps us in our endeavour to offer quality output. 

Microfiche Scanning Services

Microfiche or Microfilms help to store data and information in an efficient way. However, retrieving data from a microfilm can be an overwhelming chore and is becoming an obsolete way of archiving data. At Zobone BPO, we specialize in Microfiche Scanning Service and we are experts in converting microfiche, microfilms or aperture cards into digital archives. Actually, we are regarded amongst the best microfiche scanning companies. Zobone BPO is offering microfiche scanning service in India for many years. After successfully catering to clients in India, we also offer microfiche scanning service in Dubai. We have the capability to digitize your 16mm Roll Film, 35mm Roll Film, Microfilms and Microfiche and convert them into digital formats like JPEG, Tiff, PDF or Word.

Microfilm or Microfiche scanning can be hugely beneficial for your business. You will can considerably save on costs in relation to storing and retrieving documents. You do not need to purchase or maintain a microfilm or microfiche reader. This will also help in saving your office space as you can get rid of the microfilm reels. It will become easier to retrieve your documents with Microfiche scanning. You can upload your important documents online to facilitate retrieval from various locations. For best microfiche scanning services in UK UAE INDIA, there is only one leading company and that is Zobone BPO and no one else.