BPO Jobs Build your Career in a Leading Call Center India

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If you are looking for that dream job or call center jobs in India, then, you are at the right place. We do not provide you a job but a career. Zobone BPO has the ideal atmosphere to work. The job satisfaction levels amongst our employees are high. Our enterprise is a hive of activity. Yes, the company is a buzz with a lot of activity where each and every staff member contributes and give their best to produce unsurpassed results for our clients. Trust us, working at Zobone BPO is a highly rewarding experience. Our personnel handle all sorts of projects ranging from data entry to data mining, from virtual assistance to call center administration to web services and internet marketing. For those looking for BPO jobs in India or non voice bpo jobs, then working with us would be a golden opportunity for you.


Why should you be a part of Zobone BPO?

Focus on Training and Development

For us, our employees are our assets. In today’s era, where change is pervasive than before, it has become imperative to keep up with the times. We give special attention to the training and development of our employees on a regular basis.  We conduct training programs from time to time so that our staff members can stay abreast of the newest technologies. Our training programs inculcate both hard and soft skills. Working at Zobone BPO will help you in your personal development.


Work-Life Balance

In the modern times, where people are constantly juggling between their job and families, it has become important to have a work-life balance. It is imperative to pay undivided attention to both your work and family. We understand this and encourage all our employees to keep a work-life balance. In turn, they have a confidence on us and themselves and are able to perform to the best of their abilities. Moreover, at Zobone BPO, personnel mix business with pleasure. Yes, apart from the regular work, there are leisure activities that we organize. Our work-life balance approach to jobs boosts out-of-the-box thinking which ultimately becomes a win-win situation for both the workforce and us.


Acknowledgement for Hard Work

In any BPO job or for the matter any kind of work, it is crucial that hard work is recognized. Rewards are mandatory as they encourage staff members. At Zobone BPO, we pay heed to hard work and recognize the same. From time to time, we offer rewards to our employees to further motivate them. Our team leaders are not stingy in showering praises to team members when a job is done well. Whenever hard work is acknowledged by the management, staff members will obviously feel to be held in high esteem by the organization for whatever work they have put in.


Best Work Environment and Pay Scales

Zobone BPO has an amazing work environment. The atmosphere at the company is friendly and the pay scale is one of the best in the industry. For those who are searching for call center jobs in Rajkot, Zobone will not disappoint you. There is unbelievable team spirit among the staff members who work with us. Our employees have an ownership feeling for Zobone and they always aspire to hit the ground running whenever they undertake a new project.


If you are looking for a BPO career and are willing to pull out all the stops, then Zobone BPO is the perfect place for you to showcase your skills. For those searching for BPO jobs in Rajkot and BPO jobs in Ahmedabad, your single point of contact is Zobone BPO - and nowhere else!